The Benefits of Partnering With Exceed Capital Lending

Do you own a small lending firm? If so, your primary business goal is probably to attract larger and larger clients so your business can grow bigger. Unfortunately, there is one downside to this otherwise excellent strategy. There is a chance you could attract a client whose needs are simply greater than you have the means to meet. In this situation, it may seem like your only option is to turn them away and gain nothing for having attracted them in the first place. Exceed Capital Lending is here to provide you with one other option. You can enter into our referral and broker program and turn this client over to us instead. This provides you with many benefits, because you deserve something for attracting such an appealing client. Some of these benefits include:

  • Generous commissions
  • Upfront fee disclosure
  • Future reciprocals for all clients who return
  • Avoid the bad reputation for turning clients away
  • Short processing time for payment after closure

When you refer a client to Exceed Capital Lending, you have nothing to worry about. First, we are a nationally recognized finance company, which means we can fulfill any client’s needs, regardless of how great they are. Second, we always take the time to ensure each of our clients’ needs are met fully, whether the client is our own or was referred to us. We have a team of financial experts to work alongside each client and determine their best options.

Working With Exceed Capital Lending

Exceed Capital Lending is also looking for financial experts to join our team. If you have the charisma skills to explain complicated financial concepts clearly and are passionate about helping people, you will fit right in at Exceed Capital Lending. Learn more about all the benefits of working with us. We would be happy to answer all your questions and get the process started, so give us a call today.