It’s Easier To Grow Your Company With an Unlimited Financing Source

With the right accounts receivable financing program, you can grow your business without worrying about where the cash will come from. Exceed Capital Lending makes it easy for your company to tap into funding when you need it by financing your receivables. If your business provides services or sells products through payment plans, this can be your company’s ticket to both growth and meeting your working capital needs.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Benefit

Any kind of a business can benefit from financing receivables if customers pay up to 90 days or longer after they receive goods or services. The funding your company receives is based on your customers’ credit, not yours. You’re selling an asset — your receivables — instead of incurring a debt.

The Benefits to Your Company

In addition to providing a source of funding to cover expansion costs, inventory purchases and operating expenses, financing your receivables will enable you to be better prepared to take on new projects and larger accounts.

Our accounts receivable financing plans provide the following benefits:

  • Any business with payment plans can be financed.
  • There are no fixed payments.
  • No personal guarantees are required.
  • Cash is available in 24 hours.
  • As receivables increase, so does the funding.
  • No loan board decisions are involved.

Get Started Today

Getting started is easy; our accounts receivable specialists provide no-fee and no-obligation consultations. Now is the best time to discover how Exceed Capital Lending can help your business take off and grow.